Garmin Map Updates- GPS

Garmin has been famous in providing Garmin map updates services for the discontinued and outdated model throughout the year. We have mentioned the details regarding Garmin Map Updates free, steps for Garmin map updates with my Garmin account and much more, so read the full information provided here in this post.

How do I Update Garmin Nuvi Maps For Free?

Many users want their Garmin Map Updates free, therefore for all of them, we have here mentioned the necessary steps to Update Garmin Nuvi frequently maps to stay aware of the present day roads, streets, shops, and other buildings in an area. , substitute your old ‘Gmapsupp’ file and get specific changes on the GPS maps used by your individual Garmin navigation device.

Garmin Nuvi Update Maps- Know How-to-do

Surprisingly, you may update Garmin Nuvi maps by using the following methods:

By Garmin Express or though myGarmin Account

Steps to map update GPS Nuvi maps using Garmin Express

Check out your methodological procedure to download & install map upgrade for Nuvi device.

  • Meet system prerequisite and download Garmin Express Windows or Mac program.
  • Now you have to install Garmin Express software on your laptop or computer.
  • At the same time, connect your Garmin Nuvi to the computer.
  • Behindhand, initiate the GPS Express application and click on ‘Add a device’ box.
  • Lodge your Nuvi device by providing Garmin account email address to complete the process.
  • Lastly, you’ll see the Express dashboard. Then click on the ‘Install’ button next to the latest Garmin map updates available for the device.

How can I update Nuvi maps using myGarmin Account?

Following steps for GPS Nuvi map update via my Garmin Account:

  • Open the WEBSITE LINK and log in your Garmin account.
  • Then, plug in your Garmin Nuvi device in computer or laptop.
  • In the Garmin account, click on add a device & select your GPS Nuvi from the list.
  • Follow detailed on-screen specifications to complete Garmin Nuvi device registration.
  • Next, click on the ‘Order Now’ button to buy the paid map updates.
  • Nevertheless, for free maps updates, click on the ‘Get Free Update’-> ‘Download’ button.
  • Note: Some of the map updates require you to put forward a product key that’s present with the file.
  • Now you have to save the free GPS map update file on your Windows or Mac system.
  • Ultimately, delete and replace the ‘gmapsupp’ file in the device folder with the newly updated data in a different folder.

How to Download & Install Garmin Nuvi Maps?

For an enhanced journey experience in a far-out city or mountain trail- get the prominent maps on your GPS device, so that one doesn’t feel lost on streets or woods, respectively. You can download moreover paid or free plans & install it on your Garmin Nuvi using Map manager and Map Install program.

Download Garmin Maps on Your Nuvi device

Note: The steps presented here explained with an example of Topographic maps that we are going to install on the Garmin GPS device.

  • First, download and install ‘Map Manager’ & ‘Mapinstall.exe’ on your laptop or computer.
  • Once you install the program effectually, right-click on your download map image file and open it using ‘Map manager’ software.
  • As soon as the file loads on your program, click on the ‘Install’ button in a prompt window.
  • Now, link your GPS device to the computer and launch ‘Garmin Map Install’ to select the GPS device from the drop-down box.
  • For illustration, if you have a Garmin Nuvi 2595 connected to your PC then, select Nuvi 2595 from the list.
  • On the right-down corner click on ‘Send maps’ button and lastly, on ‘Confirm’ button to build the map image file and later- install it on Garmin Nuvi device.
  • Important: It’s a time taking process and may take a couple of hours to complete, so leave the system without intervening in the process.

How To Download Garmin Map Updates for Free?

Select your way for map update download on Garmin device

Download the Map updates using Garmin Express

Instructions for Garmin map updates free via GPS Express software are mentioned below:

  • Go to dependable Garmin Express download source and the install the amicable version on your computer
  • Then, open Garmin Express application on your computer
  • Now, get started by adding a GPS device from the Garmin Express home screen
  • After that you can plug in your device, then, you’ll get guided through the setup process.
  • In case, you desiderate then, and you can register your Garmin GPS device using an email address
  • Once your GPS device gets added to express app, then you will get guided to the app’s dashboard.
  • It is where you will see all significant available upgrades for your GPS device

How to view Garmin map updates for an already added device?

  • First of all, click on the GPS device box- added on the home screen of Garmin Express application, and you will get to see all available updates for your device.


Map update Download on GPS Device using myGarmin Account

  • Learn how-to-download free Garmin map updates:
  • Open NAME OF WEBSITE and create your new Account over there (in case, you don’t have one)
  • Note: You’ll be shown the way by on-screen instructions to complete the process regarding Garmin Map Updates
  • Once you login the myGarmin Account on a computer, attach your corresponding GPS device with it
  • On your Home tab, click on the Register button and then follow the system’s instructions to complete the registration process.
  • Now, click ‘Order Now’ from the Home tab to download the free upgrade
  • You have to tap on the ‘Get Free Garmin Map Updates‘ Download and then, ‘Next’ button.
  • Later on, type your product key & click Continue
  • Lastly, after you put all on-screen instructions into action, click ‘Download’ & save your file in a location where it is simple for you to remember.

Fix GPS Map Update Issues on Your Own

When the user is unable to download and install Garmin Map Updates through the Garmin Express or any other reliable source, then they all are suggested to read this guide to fix the problem.

What’s included in the Guide

Garmin map updates fails to download on Windows 10

  • This type of Garmin Map Updates error occurs mainly when the user updates Windows 10 firmware. Because sometimes, upgrading windows 10 alter some specific files of Garmin Express Software. So, the solution to handle the situation is to reinstall the Garmin Express.

Error downloading Garmin map update (Mac)

  • To enable the error source and disable security software like firewall, installed anti-virus or windows defender. The users are getting the Garmin Map Updates Free; this is the only solution for the problem.

Fails to download map update on Garmin device itself

  • One of the significant reasons for Garmin Map Update not downloading on the device is that it is in an incompatible mode. Therefore, try to change the Garmin device from MTS to mass storage mode.

No map update showing on device

•       Last but not the least if the user can’t see any updates on Garmin Map Updates free, then it means that either the Map got updated automatically on the device or haven’t upgraded the updater firmware.

 Garmin map update download error on Windows 10/8/7

Garmin Map Updates fails to download in the following three scenarios.

  • Garmin Express is not opening
  • Garmin Map Updates takes forever to download, i.e., the process doesn’t complete even after days.
  • An error code with the message-“Can’t download Garmin Map Updates through Garmin Express.”

If the user encounters any of these issues, then fix it with the help of the solution provided here below.

  • For the Garmin Express not working on Windows 10 or any other compatible version, make sure that the windows version has not updated recently.
  • If the windows got updated recently, then uninstall the Garmin Express by entering Control Panel-> Programs-> Uninstall Program link.
  • After this, select, the Garmin Express from the list and then press the Uninstall button.
  • Once, the Garmin Express gets uninstall, scan the Garmin Express installer file.
  • In case, if the file found is suspicious, then download Garmin Express from a secured source. Else, reinstall Garmin Express on the system.
  • Secondly, when the user fails to download Garmin Map Updates altogether even after a few hours of a wait then disable all the security software temporarily.

Note: The action will stop taking more than standard time to complete map update download.

  • Thirdly, if an error message gets on the screen similar to this, “Garmin Express map update download fails,” then:
  • Restart your PC, and install any available automatic Garmin Map Updates.
  • If the error remains same even after the Express firmware update completes successfully, then restart the PC.
  • As soon as the Pc gets started, press the F8 key at the interval of 1 second.
  • Now, after displaying the hardware information and completing the memory test, then the user will see ‘Advanced Boot Options.’
  • With the arrow keys, scroll down to the safe mode with networking and then hit enter.
  • The PC will start in the safe mode with networking.
  • Now, download Garmin Map Updates using Express software successfully.
  • Apart from this, if the user can’t download Garmin Map Updates on Micro SD card, then make sure that it has sufficient space. Otherwise, use another one or create space in the SD card.

Unable to download Garmin Map Updates on Mac OS

Here we have discussed the reason which triggers Garmin Map Updates won’t download error.

  • The Old and outdated Mac operating system
  • Corrupt Garmin Express Program
  • Network or Internet Problem
  • Insufficient space in Garmin Device, CD or Micro SD Card


  • First of all, install or update the Mac Operating system to X10,11 or higher version. If in case, already using the newer Mac OS, then scan Garmin Express Software.
  • If the scanned Garmin Express program identifies any malware, then download Garmin Express again from a reliable source and replace it with the one that gets already installed.
  • Go to the control panel and use the repair option. However, it is highly recommended to reinstall the Garmin Express application.
  • Check for the available space in download source like Micro SD card.
  • If the available space is less than that of the Garmin Map Updates files size, then change the download source or creates more space by deleting unnecessary files.
  • However, if the Garmin stuck on downloading update due to network issue-fix it with the following steps penned below.
  • First of all, restart your router as it may be overloaded or try downloading Garmin Map Updates after a while.
  • While you set up the router, make sure that networks are assigned different SSID names. Other things to be changed in the list include security options and DOS protection.
  • Try to download Garmin Map Updates again!!
  • If the error persists, then troubleshoot the network and find out if the internet which you are using is stable or not.
  • Other than this, keep the device close to the router sometimes distance is the primary reason for losing connection.
  • If the download Garmin Map Updates fails, then go to the download section on your PC. From there, search and delete the partial downloaded Garmin Map Updates free File.
  • Still, if the user is not able to download Garmin Map Updates free, then let GPS expert help the user to resolve the error.